24 March 2017

Henry's Chicken Rice and Fried Carrot Cake

Today ate the Henry's Chicken Rice and the fried carrot cake, power!

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SingPost Crashing into Abyss

I bought at $1.49, now $1.32, due to the lower profit ending 31 Dec 2016. The dividend also shit, only $0.005 but at least they know to adjust since they are not making as much money.

But I think it's good that they try hard to expand outside of Singapore, might be difficult at first but once they stabilise, it will be good for the group in the long-term. Singapore market too small la, if just rely on the income here can die.

21 March 2017

Char Siew Wantan Mee

Look very nice but taste so-so, I still find the kolo mee much tastier.

19 March 2017

Baby Girl Enjoying Her Biscuits

Growing so fast haha.

16 March 2017

Indomie and Drumlets!

Simple food great pleasure ;)

15 March 2017

Instant Food Dinner!

Loh Mai Kai and CP Chicken Wings!

13 March 2017

Baby Follow-Up at NUH

Today went to see her doctor, never do echo, only physical examination, doctor say she look very well, baby is indeed doing really well, can walk, can run, can climb, can talk and etc, developing normally like any other kids.

Then out of the blue doctor mentioned a small leakage, came as a surprise, we thought the operation went very well, so how come still have leakage, but today never do echo so don't really know much, I think she found it in last echo results, so she scheduled to see baby in September.

I think no need to worry so much, I did some search online and some people say it is quite common to have tiny leakage after surgery, some will close by itself but who knows, last time we also thought her ASD may close by itself, in the end never close.

What's most important is that she is doing well now.

Thai Boat Noodles at NUH

One bowl $7, I find it so-so, here I think got to go golden mile then can find authentic boat noodles.