06 December 2016

Had My Air-con Serviced Today

After buying my air-con for about 2.5 years, this is the first time I called for servicing, must have accumulated a thick layer of crap deep inside so it was kind of smelly whenever I turned on the air-con.

DIY cleaning is very limited, at most I only know how to take out the filter, if ask me to dismantle the unit I might not know how to assemble it, without damaging anything, so I thought better to leave it to the professionals. Actually I should have called for servicing sooner, I was skeptical about these air-con cleaning companies, not sure which one is good, all thanks to that Gain City, their air-con servicing totally cannot make it, disgrace the industry and make consumer lose confidence, never ever buy air-con from them or even use their air-con services.

My air-con is Mitsubishi Electric System 2, so I booked a normal servicing for the one in my living room since we rarely use it and chemical overhaul for the one in my bedroom, total price including GST is $208.65. I booked from this website via their online form, their company name is @bsolute Aircon, I think they also offer other types of cleaning. Their sales staff responded very fast, power.

Anyway I was at work, my wife was in charge, according to her they arrived at around 5pm+, finished at around 6.40pm+, so considered punctual since the arrival timing given by their salesperson was between 4.30pm to 6pm.

As for the cleaning, my wife said for the normal cleaning, they used vacuum cleaner to clean the unit, clean the filter, they also took out the pipes and vacuumed it, wife said the cleaning was quite thorough. For the chemical overhaul, they dismantled the entire unit, brought it to the toilet to clean, wife never saw what they did, she was busy chasing after baby, she only managed to take 4 photos.

Wife also said one guy climbed outside and checked the compressor, also cleaned the pipes or something, sounds like very thorough work to me, unlike the stupid Gain City.

I think they did a good job, now the air-con in my room feels like when I just bought it, no more smelly air, now the air smells so clean.

Before this the air was blowing out from one side, the other side seemed to be choked, and have to turn fan to level 2 of 4 then cool, now air can blow out fully, and I set to silent mode also very cool, I like silent mode because totally no noise, if use the fan can be a bit noisy.

See now I set to 24 degrees in silent mode, can reach 25-25.5, before cleaning same settings can only reach 27 on rainy days, usually 28.

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03 December 2016

$3 Economical Rice at Bukit Merah

Old estates have many great food at cheap price, this plate of rice only $3, 1 meat, 1 veggie and 2 eggs, power!

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20 Minutes for McDonald's Caramel Frappe

No wonder I don't see anyone ordering it, it's my first time, I guess that is the standard. They took 5 minutes to top-up the machine with ice, 10 minutes to not figure out how to use the machine, another 5 minutes to finally get the machine working.

I got fed up and asked the staff to give me a large coke instead, just want to get out of there. Turns out the frappe is really good but 20 minutes? No thanks, never again.
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30 November 2016

Oyster Char Kway Teow @ People's Park Food Centre

I didn't know oyster also can char kway teow, and this one super power, never put dark soya sauce, I think only fish sauce and chilli sauce, kway teow, yellow noodles, eggs, bean sprouts and oysters, got 4 pieces. Oysters were big and fresh, one plate $4 very worth it. Got $6 version, extra noodles and oysters. If drop by must try.

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28 November 2016

Surgeon Review and Baby's Hospital Bill

Today baby went back to surgeon again for review, surgeon said everything is well, he gave an open appointment in 2 months time, if nothing happen then can just cancel the appointment.

Now the hospital bill. By the way the procedure name for her hospital stay is Ostium Primum Atrial Septal Defect Closure, in layman's term is to close a hole in her heart.

Total charges for 7 days stay was $23,672.96, of which 4 days were in ICU. Singapore hospital bill really scary, and this is for non-complicated case, my daughter was scheduled for 10 days stay, ended up only stay for 7 days.

Then government subsidized $19,138.67, which is 80.84% of the bill.

If my daughter is not a Singaporean, then I will have to pay $23,672.96.

So $23,672.96 - $19,138.67 = $4534.29 payable.

Then out of $4534.29, I only need to pay $1803.43 from my Medisave, the remaining amount of $2730.86 is covered by Medishield Life.

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27 November 2016

Big Grasshopper Outside Anchorpoint Shopping Mall

First time I saw such a big insect in city, maybe this guy lost his way.

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26 November 2016

David's Laksa & Mee Siam

Seen the stall a few times at the market but never try, don't know good or not, maybe tomorrow will go try, must support local hawkers.

27 Nov 2016 update:

Today went to try, the laksa not bad, I like it, but mee siam I find it a bit oily, anyway I don't really like sour food, $3 each, eat until full, hawker food is the best.

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Guardian Charcoal Pore Strips $3.95 10 Strips

Find that my nose have a lot of black heads, so I decided to try out this product, only $3.95 and ok la, not super effective but not bad, at least can remove some, or maybe I didn't properly follow the instructions.

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22 November 2016

Pearl Centre 21 Nov 2016

Took a photo as memento, I think government going to tear down this building soon, very old and smelly building, every time I walk past there is the smell of piss, walk inside even worse, the stench can be unbearable at times. Got one time spot one old man pissing outside the building in broad daylight, jia lat.

But I like the food there, there used to be a Malay stall with excellent and cheap food, and a chicken rice stall at the end also power, don't know where they moved to.

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20 November 2016

Foodpanda Riders Can Earn Up to $6000 a Month


Somebody told me delivery riders earn more than me, I'm not surprised but I am curious to know how much. Sounds like very good money, Foodpanda have this page which shows their compensation:

But is it easy money? Let's see.

So every hour the rider gets paid at least $9 regardless of any delivery made. That's already not bad.

So how many deliveries can a rider make in an hour?

1 is expected, 1 hour for one delivery.
2 is reasonable, 30 minutes for each delivery.
3 is you got to be fast, 20 minutes for each delivery.
4 is you got to be super fast, 15 minutes for each delivery.
5 and above I think it's just plain luck to be able to make it happen or you can teleport or you are the only rider on the road and there is no such thing as traffic light and the sky never rains.

2 hours break.
9 hours work.
30 days work.

Rider 1 who earns $9 per hour = 9 * 9 * 30 = $2430
Rider 2 who earns $9.5 per hour by delivering only in CBD = 9.5 * 9 * 30 = $2565

Let's say every hour each rider can always make 2 deliveries.

22 weekdays can earn = 9 * 8 * 22 = $1584
8 weekends can earn = 9 * 18 * 8 = $1296

Rider 1 total is 2430 + 1584 + 1296 = $5310 a month
Rider 2 total is 2565 + 1584 + 1296 = $5445 a month.

I think the potential is there, but it's just siong, you got to be real fast and real lucky. I wonder out of the total numbers of their riders, how many can make $6000 a month. Definitely not easy money.
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19 November 2016

Today Received the last $1000 Baby Bonus

To date I have received $8000 cash gift from government, of which $6000 I put CDA, actually should be $14000 since they matched 1:1 for baby's CDA, I told my foreign colleagues they shocked, in their country where got such thing.

But I think later when pay for pre-school all will be gone very fast, now pre-school so expensive, still undecided whether to send her to pre-school, feel like it's a waste of money. People tell me it's good for her to interact with other kids, I feel that it's not so good, if mix with good kids is ok, mix with those jia lat ones then gone case.
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