13 March 2018

Wife Went for Echo Scan

Today went for echo no consultation, bill around $200+, end up can pay by Medisave so pay $0 cash. Found that there is a withdrawal limit on such claim, one year can only claim $300 which is quite strange but good thing every year only need to scan maximum twice so not too bad.

Anyway wife intend to go for heart operation to replace her faulty heart valve, next week see the doctor then request for it, hope can get an early date, then have to plan for her mother to come to help take care of baby.
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07 March 2018

Seen Baby Specialist Today

Doctor thinks she is doing very well both in terms of development and her heart condition. Wife thinks hole not completely closed but just now clarified with doctor actually is closed, just that like any bodily wound it needs time to heal so the follow-up is mainly to check on her recovery.

And since she is doing well, her follow-up interval has been changed to yearly instead of 6-monthly, so next appointment is next year.

Today paid $115 after government subsidy.

03 March 2018

Samurice Sucks

Definitely the worst food that I have ever ordered from Foodpanda, wasted my $10 voucher from Grab.

The chicken karaage not fresh, have a smell, no wonder fry until so black trying to cover the smell.

The salmon wasabi mayo onigiri still ok, edible but nothing special. By the way it comes with one lump of wasabi but it doesn't taste like wasabi. And it's just some mayonnaise with hardly any salmon, mostly it's just the rice.

The salmon roe onigiri is super fishy and the rice soaked with some sort of red water, think the eggs broke inside, eat already feel like vomiting.

Overall samurice give me the impression they are like some sort of mommy's failed kitchen experiments, this kind of standard still open shop.

No wonder every time walk by their restaurant hardly any people even during weekends.

Avoid it if you don't want to waste your money.

Logitech G603 Gaming Mouse $109

This one totally worth every single dollar, don't feel any lag at all, unlike the cheap wireless mouse I got years ago, play halfway can hang.

Note that this mouse a bit heavy, good thing there is option to take out one battery which helps to lighten a bit.

The Logitech Gaming Software also very easy to use, can use it to configure the mouse. Just download online.

Also comes with an extension cable and two AA batteries.

28 February 2018

Give $3 Get $50?


Today my wife whatsapp me this news, where got such good deal, must be some sort of publicity stunt, anyway can imagine the horde trying to get the free money.

They also have an instagram page if you are interested.


22 February 2018

Government Give All Singaporeans Cash in 2018 (SG Bonus)


Even I also can get $200, seems like Singapore now doing very well can give ang pao to everyone, but will only get at the end of 2018 so still long haha.

16 February 2018

CNY Day 1 Dinner

Ordered from foodpanda, subway sandwich and salad, power and feels healthy.

10 February 2018

Types of Graduates in IT

I had the opportunity of working with many graduates from different countries so far this is my observation. I also noticed that those who study in home country then come here versus those who study here, graduate and work here their mindset can be very different.

So far I think most jia lat is group 5, Malaysian graduates who studied in their home country and then come work in Singapore. Got one even asked me should email or call the user lol, this kind of simple thing also cannot decide. Malaysia should really do something about their graduates, nowadays with so much fierce competition if still maintain this standard one day sure lose out.

1. China, study in CN work in SG
Very hungry for progress, very eager attitude, can think out of the box, have the guts to voice their opinion, willing to make sacrifices.

2. China, study in SG work in SG
These are usually from NTU or NUS. So far this group seems less eager than group 1, they have a more laissez-faire attitude, more passive, but ultimately still can be competent when pushed a bit.

3. Singapore, study in SG work in SG
I find this group less willing to make sacrifices, must push often, you don't ask they don't do, passive type, but can be independent. One good thing about this group is they are good for dealing with local customers due to same culture.

4. Malaysia, study in SG work in SG
This group probably about same as group 3, usually also from NTU or NUS, maybe because from same school that's why similar. Also good for dealing with local customers. Problem with this group is CNY take long leave, too many in team will very problematic.

5. Malaysia, study in MY work in SG
Find this group very lacking in terms of skill, knowledge and attitude, need to push very hard, not independent, need constant supervising and mentoring. Lack ability to take charge of things i.e. cannot make simple decision.

6. Vietnam, study in VN work in SG
Comparable to group 1, noted their technical skill is very good.

7. Vietnam, study in SG work in SG
I think haven't work with this group so far.

8. Myanmar, study in MM work in SG
Very similar to group 6.

9. Myanmar, study in SG work in SG
I think haven't work with this group so far.

10. India, study in IN work in SG
Communication skills very lacking, accent makes it more difficult, can be independent but need constant supervising to ensure alignment. Not suitable for handling local customers. Willing to make sacrifices.

11. India, study in SG work in SG
I think haven't work with this group so far.

12. Philippines, study in PH work in SG
Good interpersonal skills, technically ok, willing to make sacrifices, can be independent, only useful for dealing with local English speaking customers.

13. Philippines, study in SG work in SG
I think haven't work with this group so far.