21 August 2017

Thai Yentafo @ NUH

Today bring wife and baby to NUH so tried out this new eatery on the way.

One bowl of yentafo is $8.50. The iced coffee is $3.50. Note that their price is inclusive of GST and no service charge, or probably they already lumped together but price is alright.

Taste quite good, but not as good as those in Bangkok, not bad though, can try.

I wanted the Thai iced milk tea but don't have so ended ordering the Thai iced coffee, also good.

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19 August 2017

Today Met a Hungry Ghost

Wife wanted to eat Korean BBQ so we went to the Ssikkek at Chinatown. Today don't know why so packed but I guess mostly are foreigners, looked like tour groups and foreign students.

When I was trying to get some mashed potatoes, got this foreign woman, dressed quite formal, like a proper dress but kind of old fashioned type, like 1980s or 1990s kind of dress. She kept pushing me, as if the food will run away, I got fed up and turned around and told her to stop pushing. She just smiled, I don't even know if she understood me, or it's just perfectly normal to push people from where she came from, no apology, just a stupid smile, great.

I know which country she is from, can tell from her language, but I don't want to name it, no point. My opinion is that if foreigners want to come, no problem at all, always welcome, but don't bring along bad habits, you can push people over food in your own country I don't care but here in Singapore people don't do that, so nobody else should be doing that.

Anyway really ruin my mood, worked hard for the week, thought weekend can relax, go out see this kind of nonsense really sian. Stay in SG also very sian, the culture here really deteriorated a lot compared to last two decades, I mean if you go to kampong in my wife's hometown, you don't see this kind of rubbish behaviour, cut queue, push people, refuse to give way, rush into lift, people here are generally selfish and stupid is probably the best description.

Locals here may say oh it's the foreigners fault but that is absolutely not true, that's why I say there's no point naming the country, because even locals are selfish and stupid, this bad behaviour is on a national scale, it's not just any particular group of people.

If nothing is done, another 20 years SG will be full of barbarians.

16 August 2017

Wow, Country Never Forget Me

Today received a letter about NS50 package, they giving out $100 voucher and a 1 year complimentary Safra membership for people who are serving or have served NS, really touched my heart.

The Safra membership is not auto-renewable so it's a good thing, just try 1 year, no use just let it expire, nothing to lose.

The really good thing is the $100 voucher, it's as good as giving out $100 cash because can use at a lot of places, Fairprice and Sheng Siong, so just imagine buying $100 of groceries, diapers, milk powder etc.

12 August 2017

Sakae Sushi Weekend Buffet

Today went to their Marina Square branch and realized they have buffet on weekends.

The link to their website.

$28++ for adult seems like a good deal, I think not limited to any colour plate, if two adults including service charge and GST will be around $65.52.

End up we ate ala carte $65.35, almost the same price.

If big eater buffet definitely more worth it.

05 August 2017

Feels Better, Went Shopping

My rashes are mostly gone, don't feel super itchy now, I think it is the heat. I tried using Dove shower foam and put on palmer's cocoa butter cream, it actually helps with the itch, so most likely it is dry skin. I also eat fish oil, drink prune juice to try to clean out whatever crap is in my body, somehow now feels better.

So today went to eat my favourite curry chicken at Bao Today.

After that bought a 2-in-1 vaccum cleaner, it is the standing type, can also remove and become a hand-held, good for cleaning those smaller areas, especially mattress and sofa because baby like to eat and drop everywhere. Bought for $225 at Gain City. The suction very powerful, damn useful.

01 August 2017

Went to Bed 11 PM, Wake Up 12 PM

Yesterday 11PM ate 1x 25mg Hizin and went to bed, only felt legs a bit light other than that still don't feel as sleepy as doctor suggested (she said if eat 1 cannot wake up then eat half, I suppose it is some strong drug). 11.30PM ate another 25mg, felt a little more kick but still not sleepy. 12AM ate another 25mg, this time felt sleepy, itch on arms felt less intense. Somehow woke up at 1.30AM, felt super drowsy but notice that the burning sensation on both arms were gone, rash seems to have subsided significantly. Thought might as so ate another 25mg and went back to bed. Total ate 100mg of Hizin. I read online 100mg is for sedation.

I managed to sleep until 6AM+ and got woken up by intense itching all over, especially arms and lower back, like kena bitten by thousands of big red ants. Really at a loss of what to do, pace back and forth between kitchen and living room, thinking want to drop by polyclinic before they open.

I then tried eating 1x Telfast 180mg and 2x Prednisolone 20mg, sat down on sofa, somehow the intense itching subsided, so I laid back and rest, the itch really gone, then I went back to bed and slept till 12PM+.

After I woke up, rash on both arms seems to be gone mostly, no more intense itch and burning sensation, just some random itch at legs and lower back. Hopefully tomorrow can go back to work, yesterday MC today AL, 2 days sure pile up a lot of shit.

31 July 2017

Super Itchy Rash

Last Monday I saw a GP for a patch of rash on my tummy, actually it has been there for quite some time, probably several months, lost count, but got so large and itchy until I cannot take it then I go see the doctor. Other than the rash at tummy, my torso, back, arms, fingers and legs also felt a bit itchy, but not as itchy as tummy. The itch at tummy can be described as super itchy, takes a hell lot of willpower not to scratch it, the rest kind of random, come and go type so still quite bearable.

The doctor thinks it is my belt buckle, mine is a metal buckle, not sure exactly what material though, he advised me to change to plastic buckle, gave me some Telfast and Melomet, told me to make sure I apply the cream. I did as he advised, changed to a plastic hook kind of belt (improvised by wife), put on the Melomet cream as prescribed, now the tummy itch is totally gone and the skin area seems to be recovering. The Telfast didn't help with the body itch though, still the same after consuming daily.

Four days later which was last Friday, tummy rash really gone for good, but body itch seems to be getting a bit more intense, didn't see doctor, read online about Zyrtec, took half-day leave to buy at Guardian and tried to self-medicate at home. Lesson here is never try to self-medicate but who knows, sometimes it works, sometimes end up making it worse. I suffered intense body itch for the weekend and today, even at night while sleeping also can get woken up by the itch, sibei jia lat, itchiest time of my life.

The Zyrtec didn't help at all, it is as ineffective as the Telfast, body itch got much worse. See these photos I took today, my right arm seems to be the worst-hit, legs, torso, back, upper butt, fingers, the little red bumps are super itchy, feels same like the rash at tummy area but this time is whole body, feels like kena bitten by thousands of big red ants, pain and super itchy at the same time.

So today I went back to the GP, showed her the rashes, she didn't seem surprised at all, she even touched the super gross area on my right arm, I asked whether it is contagious, she said no, well that's a good thing because I don't want to spread to wife and baby, anyway if the GP dare to touch then confirm not contagious.

I then specifically told her that the itch is so bad that I couldn't sleep at night. She gave me some Telfast, told her it is not effective, and I have tried Zyrtec, she said Telfast is actually stronger, wow, unfortunately both don't work for me. Then she also prescribed Prednisolone and Hizin, the first is a steroid, latter is to help me sleep at night. Finally is Neoderm cream.

Right now I have consumed Telfast with Prednisolone, applied the Neoderm cream, feels a little bit better, still itchy but not as intense, can tahan type. Can't wait till tonight to try the Hizin, hope can sleep well.

By the way the GP thinks it could be food allergy, probably some stuff that hawkers put, makes me think twice about eating out now. Personally I think could be due to the hot days these few weeks, some days are just super hot, last Saturday I went for a run, it was quite hot, not sure if it made my rash worse.

30 July 2017

Brinda's Indian Food @ Bukit Merah Central

Chicken briyani set $8.80 comes with drink, a big piece of chicken, fragrant briyani rice, veggie yogurt, curry sauce and spiced crackers, quite power.

The service staff also very friendly, I asked for iced milo, told me they don't sell iced milo, then she suggested how about a cup of ice with hot milo, I said no thanks but I really appreciate something out of the ordinary, totally didn't expect that.

Oh by the way in the restaurant they have hot water dispenser, really helpful, you don't see this much in Singapore, probably never.