21 November 2017

Henry's Chicken Rice Takeaway

All for $16.50, shiok.

Sprite with Redoxon

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20 November 2017

Phuket Trip Spending Money

I changed $749.90 for 18170 Baht, after the trip still left with 6000+ Baht (wife gave 1000 Baht tip to the uncle who drove us to airport), didn't spend as much as I thought, think because we didn't really go all out to explore, have baby also not easy.

So what we did was bike around, go 7/11, go markets, go tour around resort, go beach, go see the private housing, think want to buy haha, really nice place.

If possible I think can buy a house there, one near airport would be perfect, SG fly there only 1 hour 40-50 minutes.

Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream So Addictive

Now Sheng Siong have promo buy 2 free 1 royal milk tea flavour, I bought 4 then free 2, wah eat until shiok, open already cannot stop eating lol.

Don't know how they make but it taste superior than those normal marigold or f&n ice cream, those taste fluffier but haagen-dazs taste more condensed, thicker, it's like they squeeze all the ingredients into a pint.

Grab Promo SAVE3

I started trying out Grab, damn easy to use, interface is very well-designed, no wonder so many people using. Compared to the Comfort app this feels more "young", confirm lots of younger people rather use this app than Comfort. If Comfort can redesign their app to cater to the young generation then better, if not eventually sure lose out.

So now Grab have promo from 20 to 26 Nov, just enter SAVE3 to save $3. Just now I took $12.20 only have to pay $9.20, still got rewards points some more, then paid by Mastercard still have some rebate, wah so good.

19 November 2017

King's Musang King Ice Cream

I bought one box of 6s for $15.80 at Fairprice.

Quite nice, I don't really like durians but ice cream is ok. Actually the normal King's durian ice cream taste better, this one a bit dry kind of taste but still acceptable. Pricy.

Yoki Cough Syrup

This one bottle I think 30+ Baht, damn good, drink one day my cough gone. Unfortunately only left two bottles at the store if not I buy more.

18 November 2017

Photos from Phuket Trip

Definitely the best place I have been to for holiday day, it is also a good place for retirement, I am considering getting a house in Phuket.